January 4, 1936  ~  March 4, 2010


"If God can only find one man, that's all He needs, one man that can fully surrender to Him. He don't take an army; He never did use that. He only uses a man"                 ~William Branham


Brother John was such a man and many souls are eternally affected by the life he lived. Indeed, it is the very life of Christ, continually and vividly on display! He was a man of slight physical stature but tremendous Christian stature; meek, humble, sweet, loving and yet strong in the Holy Ghost. Never once did he compromise on the Word of God, never once did he fail to speak the truth, no matter what the potential consequences. His greatest joy has been sharing, studying, preaching and living the message God sent through His prophet, William Marrion Branham. Like our Lord Jesus Christ, Brother John made himself of no reputation, choosing in all things to give glory to his God and Savior. And, like Saint Paul, Bro. Branham and the many great servants of God that came throughout the ages, he gave no thought to his own needs. He took little for himself and gave all he had for others. He often said, You know, Id do anything for you! And it was so. A loving Holy-Ghost-filled family; a disciplined, loving and well-instructed flock of believers; a new church building established through his selfless devotion; all stand as a loving testament to the life of John Jacob Stemen. Beloved Pastor, Husband, Son, Father, Grandfather, Friend and Brother - he will be sorely, terribly missed and yet, we joyfully release him to the rewards of Heaven. We shall see him soon, we believe by faith!




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